Perlan 2 Glider Flight Test scheduled for Wednesday, September 23

The Perlan 2 Glider First Flight Test is now scheduled for Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – weather permitting. The Flight was originally scheduled for September 16, but it is has been rescheduled due to poor weather conditions.The wind was outside of the defined safety limits for conducting the First Flight Test
The Tow-Plane and Perlan 2 are scheduled to take off at about 8:00 AM. This is tentatively schedules and subject to change.
Viewing within the Airport perimeter is by invitation only due to the level of security required at the Redmond Municipal Airport.

Warm Waters Bring Warm Coastal Temperatures…Possible Rain From Linda

Graphicast 9-12-2015

The eastern Pacific waters are very warm, even for this time of year when the waters off the California coast are normally the warmest of the season.

A water temperature of 77 degrees off the San Diego Coast means warm, muggy nights for coastal residents. On Friday the lowest temperature of the day at San Diego Lindbergh Airport was just 78. This is the warmest low temperature ever recorded there, and is directly related to the warm waters.

The warm waters will be responsible for abundant atmospheric moisture, from the remnants of Hurricane Linda, bringing an extraseasonal rain event to the San Diego and LA areas. Look for a chance of rain Monday through Wednesday, with the greatest chances Tuesday. See the graphic from the San Diego National Weather Service for details.

Jim Purpura, CCM
Meteorologist, WeatherExtreme Ltd.

Airbus Perlan 2 gets airworthiness certificate

airworthiness-certificate-1-680x380On Friday ,the Airbus Perlan II received a FAA Airworthiness Certificate. This is a huge milestone and mega kudos to RDD for their tireless efforts to get everything right. This was a critical step leading up to first flight. The load test is currently scheduled for next week and the BRS parachute installation early the week after. After successful rehearsal flights with Dennis Tito’s DG 1001 it will be time for the big event. We are hoping before the end of September for first flight so stay tuned!