A Remember to Recycle Lesson

Elizabeth’s 10-year old son, Evan, is very much into recycling, especially after watching a few documentaries recently on the state of our planet.
So he took it upon himself to make this sign for the WeatherExtreme offices to post over the recycling bin. He recently changed batteries in his Xbox controller that we keep here at the office for days when he misses school for some reason and he was going to throw them away and realized he did not know if they went into the recycling bin or not. So he looked it up and created this sign of no-no’s for recycling here. On top of it, he then realized that we do not have a separate recycling bin here at the offices as the trash company hired by the office building managers do not separate out the trash but take it all in one big lump. Evan was horrified to find this out. He now insists on putting all appropriate recycling in a separate blue trash bag that we place next to the trash dumpster in hopes it gets recycled.
My next job, to find out if this “blue bag” will be recycled or not. If not, I guess it means I will be taking all of our office recycling to my house for proper recycling pick up.

Ironically it took a 10-year old for the WeatherExtreme gang to take care of this problem. We are all so busy we just never got around to it (thought we “talked” about it at times).

Lesson Learned!

Thanks Evan!

Early Severe Weather Outbreak across the Gulf Coast and Mid- Atlantic

This week saw a major severe weather outbreak, including a number of killer tornadoes. Most tornado outbreaks in February are confined to the deep South, but even the Mid-Atlantic coast was affected.

Storm began to fire on Tuesday across the Texas Gulf Coast, then quickly became severe as they moved into Louisiana. An EF-3 tornado, a strong tornado (with winds estimated at at least 150 mph) near Convent, La killed two people in a mobile home park.

In Mississippi, a man was killed by an EF-2 (strong) tornado in the town of Purvis.

The storms moved into the southeast, then began to intensify a second day, this time over Virginia. In the town of Waverly, two men and a two year old child were killed when their mobile home was struck by an EF1 (weak) tornado. A fourth person was killed by an EF-3 (strong) tornado in Evergreen with winds as high as 165 mph.

Officials say the 4 tornado deaths in Virginia are the first ever in that state in February.

See the maps below of storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center for Tuesday, February 23rd and Wednesday, February 24.



Photo Credits: NOAA

Jim Purpura
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Director, Weather Forecasting
WeatherExtreme, Ltd.