Jim Purpura of WeatherExtreme Ltd. is guest speaking at Wavelength Brewing Company January 6th.

Jim Purpura CCM, Meteorologist at WeatherExtreme Ltd., will be guest speaking at Wavelength Brewing Company on Friday January 6th at 8:00PM in Vista CA. He will be discussing a new program in Malawai developed by the United Nations (UN) through the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which aims to create a network of weather watchers who can share forecasts and warnings via cell phone. . The project will merge two systems now being put in place across 9 nations in southern Africa: The Severe Weather Forecast Demonstration Project (SWFDP) and the Southern African Region Flash Flood Guidance (SARFFG) system.

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Snow falls in Sahara for First time in 37 years

The Algerian town of Ain Sefra, deep in the dry, hot Sahara desert was hit by a freak snowfall on December 19. It’s the first time snow has fallen in the region in 37 years. View the incredible photos of the town’s sand dunes capped with white snow:

Photo Credits: Karim Bouchetata

Dr. Austin on StormFront Freaks Podcast

Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM of WeatherExtreme Ltd. was recently interviewed on Storm Front Freaks podcast where she talked about her book and her work as a renowned Forensic Meteorologist.

Click below to listen to Dr. Austin on the Storm Front Freaks podcast.

For additional information, visit http://www.stormfrontfreaks.com

Dr. Elizabeth Austin is elected to private sector of 2017 AMS Council

Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM of WeatherExtreme Ltd. has been elected to the 2017 American Meteorological Society Council. The Council is the principal governing body of the Society. It consists of the elective officers, the last two Past-Presidents, and 15 other voting members of the Society, each elected for a three-year term, with one-third retiring each year. Councilors are eligible for reelection but not to consecutive terms. The Executive Director and Secretary–Treasurer shall be members of the Council ex-officio and without the power to vote.

The Council is in general charge of the affairs of the Society, responsible for ensuring that reasonable actions are taken to accomplish the objectives of the Society outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Congratulations Dr. Austin!!

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