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USA TODAY article covering the Perlan Project

USA TODAY recently published an article on the Perlan Project. In the article, chief pilot, Jim Payne, details the upcoming plans as the project attempts it record breaking flight in Argentina this July. The goal of the flight is to break the glider altitude record previously set by the first Perlan mission. The article also makes mention of WeatherExtreme Ltd. as one of the sponsors of the renowned project along with Airbus, United Technologies, and BRS Aerospace. Read the full article below:


WeatherExtreme Ltd. to provide weather forecasting for the Perlan Project’s Record Flight Attempts in Argentina

The Chief Pilot of the Perlan Project, Jim Payne, was interviewed on ABC this morning. WeatherExtreme is providing the weather forecasting for this amazing project as they begin their record breaking flight attempts in Argentina in the upcoming months.

Check out the video below

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