Perlan II sets new World Record!

WeatherExtreme Ltd. would like to announce that the Perlan team set a new world record over the weekend by flying the glider higher than and verified Airbus liner at over 43,664 feet!!!

Congratulations to the entire Perlan team on another successful flight record!

Glider tail cam at 52,500 feet. Photo Credit: Perlan Project

Perlan Project Virtual Cockpit image- Glider altitude at 53,900 ft

Perlan Article in Aviation Today

Perlan II at 30,000 feet. Photo courtesy of Airbus Perlan Project

At the beginning of August 2017, Aviation Today posted an article about the recent Airbus Perlan II test flights currently being performed in El Calafate, Argentina. The mission is attempting to reach new high altitudes and break the record previously held by Einar Enevoldsen and Steve Fossett from the Perlan Mission I back in 2006 at 50,727 feet. The article also makes mention of the sponsors of the current nonprofit project including Weather Extreme Ltd, United Technologies and BRS Aerospace.

For the full article click the link

Update: The previous record for the Perlan Glider was broken on Saturday, September 2, 2017 when the Airbus Perlan II reached new height over 53,900 feet.

WeatherExtreme Forecast Discussion 9/02 1345Z

Saturday, Sunday and Monday all look like possible flying days before the next front moves in on Tuesday. Monday would probably be difficult because the pre-frontal conditions bring too much of a northerly component to the wind, both at the surface and aloft. The storm Tuesday doesn’t appear to do much more at El Calafate than ruin flying conditions. Wednesday provides a brief respite before a more significant front comes ashore early Thursday morning with some rain possible in El Calafate. Depending on the low level winds, Wednesday could be a flying day, upper winds are difluent over Patagonia and may add to the lift.