A bit warmer…but nice until the end of the month??

It seems hard to believe, but the tornadoes and other severe weather we have seen in Nebraska recently, and our great late spring/early summer weather are part of the same weather system.

The upper low pressure trough in the central Plains, has its extension back to southern California. In Nebraska, the cold air aloft moved over increasingly moist, humid air from the Gulf, combined along with favorable winds through the storms, to produce severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flooding. Over our area the cool moist air from the Pacific at the low levels has cool dry air above the moist low level marine layer, so we see no storms, just pleasantly cool, with some nighttime and low clouds.

The trough will weaken the next few days as the jet stream begins to take its “summer vacation” into Canada. We will begin to warm up a few degrees, but still close to normal, probably through the end of the month.

Long range models are beginning to suggest that early July may see our first significant heat of the summer.

Jim Purpura
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Director of Weather Forecasting