Alan Nierow, Ph.D.

alannierowDr. Nierow is currently supporting WeatherExtreme as a Forensic Meteorologist. He was involved with the Booz Allen Hamilton’s International Aviation Team as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for weather. In this role, he was assisting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA’s) and National Weather Service (NWS) weather programs. Dr. Nierow was Assistant Chief Meteorologist /System Engineer for the FAA for over 10 years. This included working with government and non-government personnel in developing research requirements and proposing solutions for enhancements to current and new FAA weather systems. He has over 25 years experience as a Program Manager in weather training and research for the NWS. In addition, Dr. Nierow was a forecaster at the NWS Washington Office. These positions, along with his doctorate in meteorology, have given him a broad and diversified knowledge in weather training and research, system engineering, and experience working with different government and non-government agencies.

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