Another Santa Ana heading our way

Wind gusts across San Diego County at 8:40 am PDT 5/12/14 (Image Courtesy San Diego Gas and Electric Mesonet)Sill Hill is at it again…

Just a bit more than a week ago I wrote about our fierce late-season Santa Ana, with wind gusts to 101 miles per hour at Sill Hill in the San Diego Mountains west of Cuyamaca Peak.

Now, almost into the middle of May, another Santa Ana wind event is upon us. The cold air still is coming down from Canada into the northern Plains, and Rockies, and has pushed back into the Great Basin. It’s heading our way. This cold air is compressed, dried, and warmed as it squeezes through mountain passes, or in the case of Sill Hill, strong east winds aloft in a wave cresting the mountains is driven down to the ground.

Already this morning, winds have gusted to 60 mph at Sill Hill (see graphic from San Diego Gas and Electric Mesonet).

Yet the main impact from this event will not be so much wind as last time, but unseasonably warm temperatures west of the mountains. Many inland valley locations could see highs well into the 90s, or approaching 100 degrees, especially Wednesday through Friday.

Saturday and Sunday will see a cooling trend, thankfully, as the upper ridge over the west coast begins to weaken.

Jim Purpura
Certified Consulting Meteorologist
Director, Weather Forecasting