James Purpura CCM of WeatherExtreme Ltd. presentation at the AMS Meeting

January 26, 2017 – Meteorologist James K. Purpura, CCM, of WeatherExtreme Ltd., will be presenting at the American Meteorological Society(AMS) Conference held in Incline Village, Nevada. Along with Y. E. Kachiwanda and R. Jubach, they will be presenting “Malawi Weather Chasers: Using Social Media to Jumpstart Dissemination, Event Reporting, and Preparedness”. Jim was in South Africa at the end of 2015 with the SARFFG-SWFDP to promote weather safety in South Africa. A Flash Flood Warning System was expanded to a severe weather warning system in South Africa and 8 of its neighboring nations in the region. Their presentation will discuss that in conjunction with WhatsApp, a social media tool, they have been able to develop a weather spotter network, as well as communicate forecasts, warnings, observations and storm reports to remote villages, Disaster Risk Managers, media, and local, regional, and national government officials.

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Perlan Project Virtual Cockpit

The Airbus Perlan Mission II flights have a “virtual cockpit” available online that tracks the flight on a moving map and gives critical flight data. You can follow the flight on this site.



The cockpit is generally scheduled to be turned on a half an hour before the takeoff.

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