Dr. Austin on StormFront Freaks Podcast

Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM of WeatherExtreme Ltd. was recently interviewed on Storm Front Freaks podcast where she talked about her book and her work as a renowned Forensic Meteorologist.

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Dr. Elizabeth Austin is elected to private sector of 2017 AMS Council

Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM of WeatherExtreme Ltd. has been elected to the 2017 American Meteorological Society Council. The Council is the principal governing body of the Society. It consists of the elective officers, the last two Past-Presidents, and 15 other voting members of the Society, each elected for a three-year term, with one-third retiring each year. Councilors are eligible for reelection but not to consecutive terms. The Executive Director and Secretary–Treasurer shall be members of the Council ex-officio and without the power to vote.

The Council is in general charge of the affairs of the Society, responsible for ensuring that reasonable actions are taken to accomplish the objectives of the Society outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Congratulations Dr. Austin!!

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Dr. Elizabeth Perlan Presentation

Below are some photos taken over the weekend of Dr. Elizabeth giving a presentation about Airbus – Perlan Mission II to the press and Airbus Executives over the weekend. Dr. Austin is currently Chief Meteorologist for the project and the Airbus Perlan 2 that is set to fly to 90,000 feet at the edge of space to explore the science of giant mountain waves that help create the ozone hole and change global climate models. .

For additional information on the Perlan Project, visit http://www.perlanproject.org
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Treading On Thin Air, a book by Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM, President and Founder of WeatherExtreme Ltd. has officially released April 25th!

Treading On Thin Air is part memoir and reveals how the weather and climate are intimately tied to our daily lives. In her book, Dr. Austin will demystify climate change, revealing what is really happening with our climate and why, whether it is El Niño, tornadoes, floods or hurricanes. Weather and society are at its most fascinating at extremes, and as Dr. Austin is one of a handful of forensic meteorologists around the globe, she has been called upon to investigate plane crashes, murders, wildfires, avalanches, even bombing cases. Drawing upon her rich experiences, Austin’s Treading on Thin Air promises to be an enlightening and informative journey through the wild word of weather. Below is an excerpt from the book:

Weather is an inescapable part of our daily lives, from the nuances of air travel to the breadth of human history.  Our past, present, and future is intimately rooted is weather and climate.

Weather, water, and climate. How we feel, how productive we are, even our sheer existence, depends on these three things. The United States economic activity varies annually by 1.7% due to weather—that is more than $500 billion dollars each year! 

Found in Barnes & Noble retailers

Her book is already available to order on many sites such as Amazon and IndieBooks and can also be found in many Barnes & Noble stores. For order information, visit http://www.treadingonthinair.com.

Treading On Thin Air’s official release date set for April 25, 2016

We are excited to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Austin of WeatherExtreme Ltd.’s, book, Treading On Thin Air, has it’s official release date April 25, 2016!! Her book is part memoir and reveals how the climate is intimately tied to our daily lives. Her book is already available on pre-order on many sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For upcoming events and announcements, be sure to check out her new book site.