Airbus Perlan Mission II Flight- August 19

Over this past weekend of the August 19, 2017, the Airbus Perlan Mission II made another flight while in El Calafate, Argentina. Despite the small window of flying time due to the icy conditions, the Perlan 2 pressurized its cabin to soar above 21,500+ feet”. Below are some photos from the hangar in El Calafate prior to August 19, flight. Photo Credits: The Perlan Project

Airbus Perlan Mission Flight 8/15

On Tuesday, August 15, the glider reached “a new high”. After flying 4.6 hours, the Airbus Perlan Mission II team had celebrated a new high mark of 33,200 feet. View some flight photos below:

Aug 15 Flight- 30,000 feet looking east over Lago Argentina.

Aug 15 Flight-Looking North from 33,000 feet

WeatherExtreme Forecast Discussion 8/1/2017 1315Z

Mostly sunny and warmer today in El Calafate, except for a few high, thin clouds at FL300. Winds will be westerly at the surface and aloft and generally 50-80 kts above FL700. Despite the westerly winds, the WRF model is showing only weak wave today, with vertical velocities generally below 1000 fpm. The wave does not look good for Wednesday, either, and there will be lower clouds and rain possible.

WeatherExtreme Forecast Discussion July 31, 2017 0650Z

Monday and Tuesday should be generally favorable for wave flying. There may be high overcast at FL300, but otherwise generally cloud-free at lower levels. Some waves should be present each, but vertical velocities will not be as great as previously forecast and will be in the range of 600–1200 fps below FL 200. Winds aloft will be from the west-southwest on Monday, becoming more westerly on Tuesday. It may be difficult to find vertical velocities above 800 fps on Tuesday above FL 180 as the waves propagate eastward and dissipate.