Cold Weather Outbreak in the United States

An arctic air mass invaded the United States this week, dropping temperatures as much as 25-40° below normal, with subfreezing temperatures reaching as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. Denver in particular set 4 new records in 3 days, including the lowest high temperatures ever recorded for November 11th and 12th (16°F and 6°F, respectfully) and the lowest low temperatures for November 12th (-13°F) and November 13th (-14°F). Three feet of snow covered Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with up to 18 inches in northern Wisconsin and more than 16 inches in central Minnesota. Such weather conditions are quite atypical this early in the season.

And as if this isn’t enough cold weather for fall, a second snowstorm has moved into the Pacific Northwest, and is projected to bring more snow from the coast to the Rockies, as well as the Great Plains. For the two-thirds of the country affected by this arctic blast, be sure to stay bundled!

Kayla Jordan