James D. Means, Ph.D.

jimmeansDr. James Means began working with WeatherExtreme in 2011, shortly after receiving his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Scripps Institution of Oceanography/UCSD. With WeatherExtreme he has worked on a variety of forensic meteorology projects in addition to both synoptic and seasonal forecasting. Previously he worked with meteorologists from SDG&E and the Southern California GACC to develop the Santa Ana Wildfire Threat Index. At Scripps he developed a novel way of using reanalysis of past weather in combination with the delays of GPS signals traveling from satellites to receivers on the ground, in order to map out water vapor in the atmosphere. Analysis of this data has led to better understanding of “atmospheric river” type storms that often produce flooding in California, the onset and retreat of the North American Monsoon onset and retreat, and the climatological aspects of water vapor distribution. As a research scientist with Quasar Federal Systems he did field testing of a new type of lightning detector. He has also worked on a variety of projects outside atmospheric science, including work at Quantum Magnetics where he developed advanced land mine detectors.

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