More like Fall this week…rain next week?

It looks like this week will mark an end, for now, to the warmer Fall Weather.
Sweater weather is here.

The ridge of high pressure that gave us offshore wind flow, very warm temperatures,
and daytime humidities 5% to 10%, has broken down and is being replaced by a trough
of low pressure.

This is resulting in much cooler days, a bit warmer nights, and late night and
morning clouds. Humidities will be in the 90% to 100% range at night. Expect highs
in the 70’s lows in the 50’s most places west of the mountains.

Althought there could be a few mornings with light drizzle, this trough is not
expected to bring rain.

Forecasters are getting more excited about rain prospects next week. The weekend
will be warmer, then the stage is set for another storm system about the middle of
next week. This storm looks to be stronger, and may be able to tap some of the
subtroptical moisture. Stay tuned…

Jim Purpura
Certified Consulting Meteorologist