“Pineapple Express” brings substantial winter weather to most of California and eastern Nevada

A vigorous late Fall/early Winter storm system has tapped a connection to subtropical moisture and is bringing substantial rain and mountain snow to much of California and eastern Nevada. Storms of this type are commonly referred to by the media as “Pineapple Express”, for their connection to the tropics, but Meteorologists generally refer to these moisture plumes as “Atmospheric Rivers”.

In advance of the storm, Incline Village registered a wind gust to 51 mph yesterday. Today, snowfall will be measured in feet in the Sierras. At lower elevations in northern California, rainfall has already exceeded 10 inches in some foothill locations in northern California.

In southern Califonia, rain totals early morning through noon have approached 4 inches in the LA County Mountains, and 1 to 2 inches totals are common across Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.

Steady rain has ended across LA and Orange County and will be ending early in the afternoon across San Diego and Riverside Counties. The steady rain will be replaced by scattered showers and thunderstorms the remainder of the afternoon through Saturday morning.

There will be a break in the rain after Saturday, but computer forecast models are showing another system with the potential for significant rain could affect Califonia and western Nevada Wednesday and Thursday.

The Latest on The Pineapple Express Storm

Jim Purpura
Director, Forecast Operations