Seven Volcanoes in six different countries all start erupting within hours of each other

On Saturday, November 23rd, seven volcanoes erupted within hours of one another in six different countries. The eruptions involved areas such as Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, and Vanautu in the Pacific.

In Japan, a volcano on Nishino-Shima Island erupted for the first time in 40 years. The eruption ultimately resulted in a new island in the Pacific.

Some 7,000 miles away, another eruption in Mexico. This particular eruption reached almost 2 miles high into the sky.

In Guatemala, Fire Mountain’s eruption was so massive, the explosion was felt by locals as far as 6 miles away.

In Vanuata in the Pacific, the Yasur Volcano had some weak explosions resulting the in ash affecting farm lands.

In Italy, the ashes were about 2 cm in size, covering the streets and vehicles. Although there were no evacuations, a highway was shutdown for close to 30 minutes. Mount Etna showed a spectacular display of lights which ultimately caused some flight cancellations. Also, the lava flow damaged the town of Zafferana.

In Indonesia, the country’s Mount Sinabung spewed ash cloud four miles high, causing the evacuation of 6,000 people. Scientists predict a major eruption still to come.

Lastly, also in Indonesia, Mount Merapi also erupted. There were no casualties reported.

View Some Footage and images of the eruptions found below:

Below you find Mount Sinabung ash cloud from the eruption in Indonesia



Mt. Yasur in Vanuata

Italy Mt. Etna Eruption