Southern California Thunderstorm

On Friday, April 18, an upper level storm moved across southern California. Often in Spring, especially in late Spring, these systems may not produce more than some towering cumulus clouds in nearby mountain areas. This is due to the drier air often above the shallow moist marine air this time of year.

However this day there was just enough instability and just enough moisture to produce thunderstorms in the San Jacinto Mountains of Riverside County. Lightning from one of these storms struck a home southeast of Anza shortly after 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (see map and radar scan below).

The strike destroyed a home weather station, and computers connected to it. The electrical charge went into the home, and destroyed internet connections, phone connections, and part of a stereo system. No one was home at the time, and no one was injured. This was just one strike, but that’s all it takes to cause a death or injury, or cause substantial damage.

This points out that the warm season thunderstorm season is beginning in the mountains. During some periods in the summer, especially during the monsoon, thunderstorms may be in the area every day. Take shelter when storms approach. “When thunder roars, go indoors!”


Below are some images of equipment that was scorched during the storm:

Photo Credit: Curtis Croulet


Photo Credit: Curtis Croulet