Tornado near Sheridan California 1/9/2017

Monday’s storm system managed to generate a mini-supercell northeast of Sacramento, Ca. This is the first tornado of the year in California.
Fox 40 from Sacramento reported on it in this video…

The National Weather Service issued a storm report and called this a funnel cloud. But the rotating winds are clearly extending to the ground, making it a tornado.

The Base Reflectivity and Storm Relative Velocity are shown from 2:00 pm Monday, January 9. The Reflectivity shows hints of a supercell, including a rear flank downdraft wrapping into the storm. The Storm Relative Velocity at the same time indicates rotation in the updraft above the ground. These are signs to the warning forecaster the storm could produce a tornado.

Although a brief tornado was produced, there were no reports of any damage as this occurred in an open field.

Jim Purpura, CCM

Base Reflectivity of Tornadic Storm near Sheridan, CA
Storm Relative Velocity image of Tornadic Storm near Sheridan, CA

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