Venice Beach Lightning Map

NLDN Venice Beach-27Jul14

Here is a map for the lightning fatality at Venice Beach yesterday from the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) that is owned and operated by Vaisala. The map shows NLDN data for an hour, including the time reported as 2:50 pm (1450 PDT). Several intense cloud-to-ground strokes were detected to the southwest at 1419 PDT and those are probably the lightning events associated with the fatality. Based on my experience, the time of reports in such a situation is uncertain, and has been late in a number of cases. According to the news report, the situation was quite chaotic. Note that the lightning data are accurate to millionths of a second.

Regardless of the timing difference, not much lightning was occurring in this unfortunate case. Within the purple two-mile circle, only 11 events were recorded, and many of them were in cloud.


The circled admin building and guard house were struck, and the “X’s” represent where rescues were performed.