Where is Hurricane Odile headed?

Hurricane Odile is now weakening as it moves across the Baja on its eastern shores. Early Monday it made landfall with sustained winds of 115 mph, a category 3 hurricane. Waves up to 24 feet also accompanied the hurricane as it approached Los Cabos. Early reports indicate major damage to resort areas.

The next question is where does it go next? The National Hurricane Center indicates the hurricane will weaken to a tropical storm overnight (39 to 74 mph sustained winds), then to a tropical depression (winds under 39 mph) by Wednesday morning. See the graphic from the National Hurricane Center, below.

Even a weakening storm like this will have abundant rainfall. Rain totals of 6 to 12 inches with areas of 18 inches of rain are possible in the Baja the next several days.

The track will take the storm toward Arizona later in the week, so unfortunately look for a repeat of flash flooding in areas like Phoenix and Tucson as the tenants of Odile move their way.