I pulled up The Weather Channel app on my iPhone yesterday evening, and started flipping through my saved locations. I like to switch it up, and pick a handful of various locations to save to favorites every couple weeks or so. It’s nice to follow the weather in other parts of the country, and honestly, even following basic observations like temperature and sky cover in other places can absolutely expand your meteorological knowledge bank.

Death Valley is currently on my list. When this came up, I was in awe at the 2% relative humidity, and staggering gap between the temperature and dew point! That’s a 106°F difference… crazy! It’s also interesting that the Heat Index was down to 104° due to the extremely dry air mass. I’d be curious to read up on why that creates such a significant cooling sensation.

Long story short… I feel sorry for anyone having to live in that type excruciating heat, especially compared to the low 70’s we’ve had for over a week. I actually really enjoy little spurts of hot weather, but Death Valley can keep its 115° and enjoy that.

Stephen Bone