Dr. Elizabeth Austin of WeatherExtreme to appear on eerie new series ‘Storm of Suspicion’ premiering October 7 and 8/7c(5PM PST) on The Weather Channel.

Video Credit: The Weather Channel

Coming this fall is a highly anticipated show on The Weather Channel called ‘Storm of Suspicion’. The show is based in a world where true crime and weather become intertwined and Dr. Austin is introduced as a forensic meteorologist who has worked on countless cases where weather and crime came head to head.

Each episode of the new series follows a criminal case where weather helped commit a crime, cover it up, or was a useful tool is revealing the culprit(s). The cases highlighted in the series are eerie, ,bone-chilling and nearly unbelievable, and you’ll never be able to see some weather events the same again.

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday, October 7 at 8/7c(5PM PST) for the premiere on The Weather Channel.


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