Kacie Shourd, M.S., joins the WeatherExtreme Ltd. Team

In December 2017, Kacie N. Shourd, M.S. joined WeatherExtreme Ltd. as their newest researcher & expert in atmospheric science. Kacie received her M.S. in Atmospheric

Science from the University of Nevada, Reno, and her B.S. in Geography (with a minor in Astrophysics) from Ball State University.

At WeatherExtreme, Kacie works on forensic meteorology cases, the Airbus Perlan Mission II project, weather & climate research project including mesocalce atmospheric modeling and weather forecasting.

Kacie brings a wealth of experience in extreme weather research, weather modification, and dynamic meteorology. Her research includes examination of the multi-scale dynamics and atmospheric adjustments that precede intense Derecho’s, planetary wave breaking, assessment of tornado tracks and their damage paths, cloud seeding research and weather forecasting, and hazardous weather conditions that lead to multiple-vehicle chain-reaction crashes in the United States.

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