Dr. Elizabeth Austin of WeatherExtreme Ltd. makes guest appearance as Fox Weather launches new 24-hour weather app

On Monday, Fox Weather launched its new 24 hour weather app. The high-tech streaming service announced the app as its free service that will take a state-of-the-art approach to forecasting, using multiple radar systems to inform its audience of all-things weather. Amid all the droughts, forest fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes that have battered America this year, Fox Weather will aim to make the science of meteorology more relevant to people’s lives. Users can expect to get alerts for 42 kinds of weather. In addition, The FOX Weather app features a cutting-edge 3D radar and the unprecedented FOX FutureView which is a tool that will allow users to plan several months ahead by keeping track of advanced weather forecasts.

Viewers can expect to see a friendly, welcoming face bring them their weather forecast. We are going to take weather and science, which can be complicated, and make it easy to understand. Our FOX Weather community will get their forecast in the palm of their hand, making weather very personal and helpful,” meteorologist Britta Merwin, who was a popular local weather personality in Houston before joining FOX Weather, told Fox News Digital.

FOX Weather has hired meteorologists, anchors, and reporters from across the country, bringing perspective and expertise from every weather scenario Americans can face. Our own renowned, Dr. Elizabeth is set to make her first guest appearance on the trailblazing app today, Wednesday, October 27 from 6pm -7pm PST (9PM – 10PM EST).

Tune into Dr. Elizabeth’s segment 6pm -7pm PST (9PM – 10PM EST) by clicking the embedded video below

You can download the app here

Sources: Fox Weather, Bloomberg

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